Ransom’s Hailing at Long Ridge Farm,
an American wool yarn line.

My family heritage hails from England in 1620, to farming in New Hampshire in the mid 1700s, to the wool trade during the industrial revolution in Chicago, on to the wool trade in Boston and back to farming in New Hampshire in the 1940s. Ransom is my given middle name and traces back to my father, great grandfather and beyond. The history and trade continues.

An all-American breed, with class, the CVM/Romeldale is the rarest and most endangered breed of sheep in North America today, yielding a fine wool with fabulous spring and bounce. Our flock is coated year-round to preserve the fleeces from weather and chaff providing the cleanest fleeces at shearing. From shearing to shearing each year we manage the quality and health of our sheep thereby offering an equally healthy and fine finished product.

Our yarns have been developed thoughtfully, alone and in blends, to showcase the wool and bring out its natural quality for next-to-skin wearables. In addition, we offer yarns from other sources that enhance and compliment the CVM/Romeldale line.

Long Ridge Farm yarns and fibers are naturally hand-dyed in my studio, with roots, bark, berries, leaves and bugs. For centuries natural dyes have been used to create exquisite textiles and lasting hues. As a natural dyer I draw my inspiration from the seasonal hues and scenery I see each day on the farm and beyond.

Please be sure to purchase enough yarn to complete your project as my dye lots are 3# runs. There are subtle nuances with each dye lot as nature is ever changing the elements, such as soils and water, the grower and dyer use.

We offer custom dyelot, state of the art natural dyeing and fiber preparation services for your fibers. Please contact us about this specialized service tailored to your specific needs.