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The textiles created by Umva, using exquisite fine wools and silks, are naturally dyed with plants in Rwanda. Hand dyed using their knowledge of Rwanda’s indigenous plants, Umva’s ladies create these one of a kind pieces. Through fair trade, via Rwanda ~one4one, the textiles are offered for sale, both in Rwanda and the USA, with the net proceeds returned to the ladies as income. This income is vital to them and each purchase brings pride, joy and hope to their lives.

Feather light, 100% fine wool gauze, naturally dyed with indigenous plants in Rwanda
Size: 4 feet x 6 feet, selvedged sides, short fringed ends. Each wrap is one of a kind, yet similar to images shown. Need help deciding? Contact us at and we will send photos for you to choose from.

Caring for your Umva wrap:
Gently soak in lukewarm water
with a very gentle suitable wool soap.
We recommend Unicorn.
Free sample included with your order.
Available in our online store.
Soak for 5 minutes, gently hand rinse,
squeeze out, hang dry.

UMVA Rwanda page
UMVA on Facebook

Umva retail partners

Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge, Rwanda

Abraham Konga Collections

Kind Words from Umva Customers

I love mine SO much!!! The fabric, the pattern, the colors, and mostly the provenance are all beautiful and inspiring. I unconditionally recommend these as gifts for that person who deserves something truly special. ~ Jennie

I purchased 3 wool shawls for gifts and am having a hard time parting with them. They are made of a fine, soft, springy wool with such a light hand. The leaf print creates a very subtle pattern. I was struck by the colors, such deep earth colors. So lovely. Their work is beautiful, and it is making a profound difference in the lives of these Rwandan women. ~ Helen

When I unfurled my Umva wrap, I gasped. The colors are even more beautiful and vibrant than the pictures portray. I love wearing it, and I’ve draped it in loops over a plain linen dress for a fancy dinner out and tossed it over my shoulders on a chilly evening as I run out to the grocery store. This gorgeous piece will be a central part of my ethical elegance wardrobe project for years to come! ~ Beverly

My Umva wrap is a thing of beauty. Soft, luxurious wool that I can melt into. Every time I look at it I marvel at the care and crafts-womanship that went into it’s creation. It is all the more special to me because I know that by my purchase a family is creating an income they would otherwise not have. Umva is more than products, it’s a story, about Rwanda and about a family of women and I feel it’s important to share. So important that I bought another as a gift. I hope you will too. ~ Corrine

My beautiful wrap arrived in the mail and I love it so much! The colors are so rich and it looks wonderful on me! I took it to my class to show all of my friends today and it was met with many, many compliments. Murakoze cyaneee, UMVA! ~ Manise

I just received a gold/gray (w/rust/green) and indigo ~ colors that will span the seasons for me ~ just beautiful ~ Maryann