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4/17/15: We met the goal.
Thank you all, so very much. This year’s journey begins. 7/30/15: The improvements to the home, and other goals, were successfully completed by July 2015 as stated below. All donors were kept notified of the progress through the completion.
homeRwanda~one4one has three specific goals for this year. The first is to have a cement floor poured and a ceiling installed in the family home. With a minimum elevation of 3000 feet above sea level in Rwanda, a rainy day is also a cold day. The family’s home sits at roughly 4500 feet above sea level. The long, rainy season runs for 3-4 months and poses enough difficulties outside, let alone in the home. Presently, the floor is dirt and when it rains the moisture creeps in and results in a damp, slippery floor. There is only a pitched metal roof with walls that are partial between the 4 rooms. ceiling-viewRwandan homes don’t have heat systems, but with a ceiling installed down to the walls and a raised, dry floor, any warmth generated from the family gathering together would remain in the rooms. The second goal is to install a water line from the water utility to the home. The third goal is to fund the family’s three youngest children’s school fees for the coming year. front-doorIf contributions surpass the present goal they will be used for additional projects. You may contact me for specifics.

Any contribution is gratefully accepted and you will be included in a regular, non-public newsletter giving full documentation of the funds raised, how they are spent and including family news as the year unfolds. All contributions will receive a wee-sized, handmade artbook from Rwanda when I return in July 2015. On behalf of the family, they thank you for your kindness, care and love. Please join in the good we can do through Rwanda~one4one.Family

In the past 21 years Rwandans have shown the world anything is possible with unity, faith and hope. They have chosen life, not death; forgiveness over blame. They have chosen to build their future, not remain in their past. This year marks the 21st commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi:
Remember, Unite, Renew.
And so they are.
Thank you all.






I am delighted to share that I have been offered a dye plant research residency at a university in the Northern Province, Rwanda, for the summer of 2015. The university has an extensive botanical garden with more than 300 native species of medicinal plants, shrubs and trees for which they conduct research to provide uses and dosage information to traditional Rwandan healers. Medicinal plants, since time immemorial, have been used in Rwanda as a source of medicine.
With most regional plant species at my fingertips and a lab to do the research, my desire to document Rwandan plant species, for natural dye properties, is moving forward. My findings will be documented and become a permanent part of the university library for all to refer to.

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