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kidsIn 2017, Rwanda-one4one met the financial goal of $13,050 to include, but not limited to, providing ongoing support for annual school fees for children in the families, funding an emergency medical fund, Jado's taxishipping of fabrics to and from Rwanda for the Umva project, and the purchase of a used 4 door-sedan to be used for a taxi business by one family member. Rwanda-one4one focuses on entrepreneurship opportunities to help the family members who cannot find employment. In May 2017, Umva took part in Kigali Fashion Week with Rwandan fashion designer, Josette Umurerwa, Kigali, Rwanda to showcase the collaboration of natural dyeing and forward fashion design. Umva on the runwayWe couldn’t be more proud of how Umva is growing in the natural dye textile trade. We support the families as a safety net against the struggles of poverty they face every day. The kindness and care donors have offered has made an enormous impact on the lives of these families. Please consider giving a tax deductible donation today.

Rwanda-one4one is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization.

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Umva scarves dyed in Rwanda

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