Traditional Yoruba Batik Using Indigo and Multiple Colors

with Gasali Adeyemo

Dates: Aug 16 - Aug 18 , 2018 - 3 day(s)
9:00 am - 4:00 pm each day.

Workshop has been closed.

Please join Gasali Adeyemo for three days of learning the techniques of batik, as he has been trained in Nigeria. Gasali generously shares his knowledge and culture, and you will come away from the workshop ready to continue in batik techniques on your own.

In Gasali’s words:
Batik is the process of creating designs using wax. The name that we call batik in the Yoruba tribe is adire alabela, which means wax resist. I believe that batik is the way of creating so many beautiful colors. The wax can be applied to the fabric using wood stamps, stencils, or foam rubber. In my culture we primarily use foam rubber to apply the design to the fabric free hand.

Traditionally in Nigeria the dye used for batik fabrics is a dye called Jaman dyes, which are dyes for color. Indigo is currently the most common dye used.
The primary dye I use in my workshops is indigo. Indigo has been used as a dye in Africa for at least 2000 years. The Yoruba name for indigo is “elu”. Since the olden days indigo has been used for medicine as well as a dye; it cures an upset stomach. Indigo is also used to ward off viruses; houses are painted with indigo to prevent the sickness from entering.

Indigo is an organic substance, it comes from the indigo plant which grows wild in Nigeria. During the beginning of the rainy season the leaves are harvested and then dried. After they have dried they are formed into little balls which are then used to prepare the dye.

Instructor will provide supply list for students to bring.


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