Maryland-Sheep-and-Wool-Festival-1st-place Long Ridge Farm, 1st place – CVM/Romeldale, Maryland Sheep and Wool, Spring 2013

Fleece Characteristics

Breeding for the CVM/Romeldale has emphasized spinability of the fiber, with a focus on handspinners. The fiber comes in white, gray, black and brown, often with multiple shades grown by a single animal, These sheep grow fine, soft wool in large quantities. For years the entire clip of the original Romeldale flock was sold to Pendleton Mills. The color patterns of the CVM vary widely. CVM locks have blunt or slightly tapered tips. The crimp is well-developed, giving the wool a full, slightly crisp hand. The wool has very little luster and blocky staples. The pronounced crimp makes it ideal for making warm, soft, lightweight knitted and woven fabrics. Handspinners find that the wealth of shades in each fleece opens up many possibilities for the creative use of natural colors.

  • Fleece Weight: 6-12 pounds
  • Fiber Diameter: 64s-60s or 21-28
  • Staple Length: 3-6 inches
  • Found In: United States

CVM/Romeldale fleeces for sale

fleece2019 Spring fleeces ~ SOLD OUT

Kind words from recent fleece buyers:

Yes for 2017…I’ve worked with all different fleeces during the past year. Your quality is still the highest and I think I can deal with anything!” ~ Chris

“Lily’s fleece arrived and I love it. Beautiful!! Thank you 😉
Please keep me on the list to purchase her gorgeous fleece again next shearing!”
~ Kristin

“OH MY!!! What a gorgeous fleece! I’ll be starting to process Della this weekend, thank you again.” ~ Chris

“Savannah’s fleece is delicate, and beautiful, and I will try to do her justice. I am so happy I did this!
~ Judy

“Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I look forward to buying many more!” ~ Kezia

“Received the fleece today… OMG! It is perfect. Please save me Lily’s fleece for next year, too.” ~ Louise

“What a very lovely fleece. I’ve only dyed a bit of it as I’m saving most of it for a felting customer who hasn’t been able to get to her felting for a bit and will be giving me a list of colors later this fall. I’ve also used a bit of it in my art batts. It’s a beautiful clean fleece and working with it has been a dream. Thanks so much for all the hard work you do producing your lovely fiber!” ~ The Yarn Wench

“AbFab on my fleece!” ~ Michael

“The fleece is awesome! I cannot wait to go home and get my hands in it. Don’t forget about me for your next shearing, I would love to reserve a fleece from you again!” ~ Karen 

I have just washed the fleece. I cannot tell you how excited I am to get this dried so I can spin! I had thought I would dye it but it is so beautiful that I will be spinning it natural. Thank you so much! I need to get on your wait list for next year!” ~ Joyce

“I am so lucky! My fleece was awesome, that I knew, but today I am washing/scouring it for the first time and OMG it is absolutely incredibly gorgeous! The best fleece ever.. Thank you so much for raising and nurturing such a high quality fleece.” ~ Karla

“When I opened the box after it she arrived (I’m assuming it was a ewe), I could tell right away that it was a pristine fleece and beautiful. My suspicions held true when I started scouring. I am very happy. I even dyed a couple of batches. It is such a relief to get a fleece that doesn’t have to be skirted too heavily. Thank you for being to so attentive to the fleeces that you sell!” ~ Jamie

“Fleece arrived yesterday afternoon, and it is absolutely beautiful” ~ Judy

” I do not use fibers that aren’t supersoft/low micron. Your fleeces are fantastic. At times I wished you raised cormo, merino and other fine fiber breeds as well! Not many breeders take care of their sheep like you do and deliver super clean and high quality fleece. But for now, be sure your CVM fleeces are by far superior than all I have tried in the past. Thank you so much for your awesome customer service! “ ~ Spinning Mermaid