Back to life, back to reality

Seattle was fabulous. On many fronts from the work I did at Earthues with Michele and also the second week which eight of us gathered and worked on some other topics regarding mordant variables and how they affect the individual natural dyes. I haven’t got any show and tell presently as it is all shipping from Seattle so that will have to wait. The weather was the best the country had to offer. I was there 12 days and every one of the 12 days was blue sky, no humidity, 70-80 degrees by day and the 50’s overnight. I ate great food, drank some wonderful wines and enjoyed visiting with good friends I get to see only when I am in Seattle. I rode in cabs or buses to get around, walked otherwise and never left the city limits. Such a difference to my regular life in the country here.

I arrived home to high humidity, beating sun, thunderstorms (this one brewing)and overall sticky weather.

Sunday Jack and I put 157 bales of hay in the barn (yes I counted every last one!) and then we mowed and reset temporary fencing in the near field (about 2 acres of it) as the grass had started to drag down the electrical voltage which then puts the sheep at risk for predators. I don’t remember when I was last that hot, ever!

And finally we put up 5# of broccoli from our garden into the freezer, part of which is pictured.

The chickens are growing leaps and bounds and settled into the big barn quite nicely. We let them outside for the first time Saturday and they now enjoy coming and going as they please.

It was a great trip west and it’s great to be back home!

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