Chili dogs

This afternoon we snomobiled the trails from the farm to Keene to have a bite to eat at Chili’s and then come home, about 50 miles round trip. We knew the riding wouldn’t be the best, despite all the snow we just got, but it was a fun ride anyway. The ride started out warm, in the 30’s, some sun. We snomobiled over hill and dale, crossing multiple and difficult water bars with some great spurts of open fields and railroad beds. Actually half the trip to Keene is on former railroad beds and as we neared the city there were more and more people using the trails; walking, cross country skiing, even running. We rode by a young fellow walking with a rifle slung over his shoulder headed up a hill. Perhaps rabbit hunting or maybe going to target shoot. We rode by these ice climbers on the rail bed.

We had a bite to eat and drink at Chili’s and then headed home about 4PM. The cold front pushed in and wow did the snow fly! It was wild. We stopping in town in the field overlooking the CT River as we had on the way to Keene. The moon was rising,the snow whipped across the field, the wind was howling. Loved every minute of it. We arrived back at the farm at 6ish. All in all a great afternoon!
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