Click Go the Shears….

click, click, click This tune is great backdrop while you follow along with the day’s events. Just drop it down and open the blog up here
Shearing is done. It was absolutely scrumptious weather for it with lots of sunshine and no wind. We are in a lovely weather pattern this week with temperatures cresting in the 50’s during the day and only the 20’s overnight.

The shearer, David Hinman, got some ever-wary looks from the flock as he set up.

I was so thankful for the help of Patty and Betsy holding fast at the skirting table.

While Katie managed the broom and trekked the fleeces from the shearer to the skirting table (and romanced Bianca), Jack and I worked the barn, getting each sheep refitted after shearing with fresh coats, a de-worming and a belly full of hay.

David moved through the flock swiftly and we were done within a few hours.

Now the bred ewes are comfortably settled in the lambing barn awaiting their special day…

to warm you up to the sounds of things to come listen

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