Coming and going

It’s been a big week both here and at the farm. In Seattle painted skeins, color theory, blending, mordanting options and friendships were made and renewed. On the farm new water lines were dug for 24/7 frost free sheep water at the barn, new windows in the cottage and baby bluebirds grew and flew the nest to carry forth another family for next spring. I look forward to coming home to Jack, the dogs, cat and sheep. And I will miss the intensity this week held for me in the dye studio as well. Here is our dye group in Seattle left to right: Karen,Pamela, Donna, me, Ramona, Roberta and Coby. Also me and Donna modeling our dye stained hands. There is some fabulous talent amoung these women and not withstanding all have a great sense of humor. I’ll miss you till we meet again!