For the pets, please

As the temperatures across the country are plumetting into the single digits and below 0 with wind chills this winter, PLEASE give your dogs, cats and other domestic animals adequate shelter against the outside elements. NH law requires that shelter from inclement weather shall have an area within to afford the pet the ability to stand up, turn around and lie down, and be of proportionate size as to allow the natural body heat of the pet to be retained. This is the minimum an owner can provide.
Why anyone would own a dog and then tie it to a tree or dog house 24/7 is beyond my ability to comprehend. What inadequacy exists in the human heart to want to lord over an animal’s existence in this manner?
Dogs, and cats too, are man’s best friend and to allow them the warmth of our homes is the ultimate gift we can give them for their steadfast loyalty.
Look to your neighborhoods and make sure these friends to man have attention and care during these harsh weather conditions. If they do not, then report the owners to your local police department. Nothing deserves to be abandoned to the frigid, dark and loveless night, nothing.

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