In memory of Jessie

We lost this most wonderful ewe today. We got to the barn this morning for feeding and somehow in the night she had gotten tangled up in the fencing and just couldn’t free herself. Jessie turned 2 this month, she was a high- spirited, bouncy, happy sheep. She never really took on ewe status, still acted more like a 6 month old lamb. It has been a very long day; losing an animal, whether it’s expected or not is never easy. Jessie will not easily be forgotten. The shearer came today as planned, so we did shear Jessie too. All the ewes are sheared, coats are back on, the straw is bedded high and the pregnant ewes are nestled in one barn, the non-lambers in another. The weather is supposed to be particularly cold for the next few days but all is well. We have 4 ewes ready to lamb within the month of March! The cycle of life goes on. But for tonight our thoughts are with Jessie as she climbs the stairway to heaven. She’ll get in!