into Africa

I am winging off to Africa in the morning.
Rwanda specific.
We moved the flock to a fresh pasture this morning
and dear Crystal still takes the last position
but she sure does love the trek.
She and I travel along together
ever so slow but with focus on the reward.
Fresh grass.
I will be landing in Kigali and traveling west and north with Katie.
She has been living there for almost 2 years as a
volunteer with True Vineyard Ministries, a non-profit business employing 35 widows
identified as the most vulnerable women in their communities
I have sent in seeds for dye plants and carry a bag full of natural dyes, fabric, string, and thread.
Options to assist this group of 35 widows of the Rwandan genocide who
are finding their way to support themselves and their families
in the aftermath. It has been almost 20 years but the pain is ever-present.
They are working to forgive in a culture of silence.
I am packed, but still incredulous and awestruck as I head east/southeast across the
pond and a very large Sahara.
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