knee deep

seems I took a few sharp corners that swung far afield but things are
progressing despite the rocky course.
it’s good to take pause and just feel the days.
“doing” is not a requirement.
the weather has been reasonably wet and rainy.
yet the flock is floating through some of the pastures.
there has been so much rain the past 30 days that one field is simply down for the count until we dry off.
they are more than knee deep which is a blessing over potential drought conditions.
due to the mild winter we are over run with small mammals.
chipmunks, red squirrels, gray squirrels. it’s out of control.
but Luna is at the ready to pounce.
here she is on the rock ledge listening for a squeak.
she and Kalie spend most of their waking hours
patrolling the stone walls.
they have actually succeeded in removing (polite word)
a number of the unwanted.
we are knee deep this year.
new NH Red chicks arrived a few weeks ago
today they are already starting to roost.
little birds growing up fast
the woad is sprouted in the plot and on the way
the Polygonum tinctoria (Japanese indigo) below is
up and healthy.
 just waiting for the warmth of the sun to spur the
summer plot so I can transplant the seedlings.
knee deep in tears.
the past few months Trinity had started to decline.
she fought the good fight but couldn’t
beat the odds.
here she was the day she asked to go.
I tested for every possible issue from here to Cornell.
I became even more adept at injections and diagnosis.
in the end it was out of our control.
it took me awhile to accept that.
sweet girl. we’ll always miss her.
it’s been a long few months since February.
knee deep in a river, dying of thirst.
the fog has lifted.
it’s clear now.
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