Last call

Autumn days are here in full swing and the pasture season for the sheep is winding down. The grass doesn’t grow at this late date and the fields need a chance to recover from grazing before the frost sets in. But I couldn’t resist giving the sheep a few final field trips while the days are still so scrumptious. No more heat and humidity, no bugs and cool crisp air. We all love it!

Mila and Bea take time to hang together under the honeysuckle bush.

As the day came to a close we took them back to the winter barn and they were delighted! They love to travel from place to place, never remembering when they were last there.

Down the road and through the opening into the lower field…

And old Ashley brings up the rear. She lags less from old age and more to see what she can browse on along the way. She reluctantly finds her way to the next place each and everytime.

I hope you are able to enjoy the fine fall weather!

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