New digs

The chicken house is finally complete. It took a bit longer than planned as it was almost impossible to decide where to build it to consider four seasons. It needed to be near electricity and water in the winter, it needed to be sunny in the fall and winter but cool in the summer months. It needed to not be in the way for snow plowing or snow banks. And it needed to be predator proof. So with all that to consider we finally landed on this dear little spot which has turned out to be even better than expected.

It has all of the above and is quite cozy inside. Jack did a fabulous job, right down to the two individual nest boxes for egg laying! The sun streams in all day now that the leaves have fallen from the maples. Their roost is set so when they stand up they can see out the windows which chickens like to do! They are quite inquisitive. They are temporarily contained to an large outside area with electric netting until they “get” where they are at. Chickens aren’t bright.

We should have eggs beginning in another month. Finally the chickens have come home to roost!

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