Pasture days

It’s been another whirlwind couple of weeks since I returned from Seattle. The lambs are now taking day trips with their Moms to pasture. It’s good to get them used to the pasture changing and the routes around the farm. The ewes know the way well and the lambs surely follow!

They found a patch of daisies along the way….delish!

Clover and tall green grass…the best in sheepdom….

Each night we lead them back to the big barn. Until they are a bit larger I feel better with them nearer civilization after dark. It’s a cheerful commute each day!

We, along with much of the nation, have been struggling with extreme heat and humidity for the past week. I’m not a fan of this kind of weather and find myself looking to the sky for a glimmer of a rain cloud or even a fresh breeze. So far neither one presents itself. The sheep are bearing up with lots of shade and water, not to mention TLC and pep talks to help them through. I do find spending time with them and giving them a rubdown, ear scratch or a chin rub mellows them immensely during these hot weather patterns.

I am checking out for a few days (again!). I have foot surgery tomorrow morning and will be home and recovering, slowly albeit. I’ll be back with an update in a few days or so. Meanwhile I hope you are finding ways to beat the heat!

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