Right on time

Memorial Day weekend congers up many different images across the country from American’s paying tribute to war veterans and fallen soldiers, parades, family gatherings, barbeques, the list goes on. This weekend also marks the time of getting first cut of hay for winter in by the 30th of May. This year the first cut was ready right on time. We picked up 100 bales yesterday afternoon. And so begins the cycle of summer gathering to winter feeding once again.

We have a short drive from the field back to our farm and it’s a gorgeous drive with views of farms and farmland, the CT River and the Canoe Meadow Cemetary with it’s border on the river’s edge. It is the second oldest cemetary in town, dating back to 1764 with 12 Revolutionary soldiers buried there. We never tire of this drive no matter what the season.

Last bales in for the day….

My mom was a veteran of WWII having served in the Navy as a Wave. She was so proud of her service to her country. Today we honor all those who have lost their lives serving in our armed forces, so to preserve our country’s freedom and liberty.

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