Sleepless in Seattle

I arrived at my hotel at about 2:30 after a clockwork day of air travel and then wending through Seattle’s streets in an airport shuttle van. I shared the ride with a very informative woman who was arriving home from FLA and she was very good about pointing out all the sights as we traveled. One of the most breathtaking sights is the new Seattle Public Library. It is walls of glass, juxtapostioned, angled and slanted…incredible piece of achitecture. I arrived at the Mediterranean Inn, in the Queen Ann neighborhood; a hillside area with shops, bistros, theaters, and all the necessities. I found a Safeway a block away to buy a few things for nibbles and drinks, got my internet set up in my room and found the roof deck! Wow! A 360 degree view of Seattle; from the Space Needle building to Mt Rainier(you can see it faintly in the distance in the picture) to Elliot Bay. I’ll be back there for coffee in the morning! At 6PM I took the bus line from the hotel to the Ballard district for the evening opening at Earthues. They had a lovely spread of fantastic food and company planned for us. We are a group of 10, from Missouri to Montana, CA and NH! The Earthues studio is fantastic, so full of color and fabrics, artifacts from Michele’s global journeys, reference books; just a sensory explosion! I am definitely in need of some sleep and yet it is only 9:20 PM here…the sounds of the city are quite prominent and so foreign for this country girl!