1st in the nation votes!!!

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire; The first town in the country to vote in national elections, with 26 registered voters, cast their ballots at midnight tonight. Last winter we snowmobiled with friends to the Balsam’s Hotel (pictured) for lunch and this is the site of the town of Dixville Notch. The Balsams is located within the unincorporated area of Dixville Notch and is set on 15,000 acres of the 31,000 acres of unincorporated land.Voting will take place at the hotel. If ever you get a chance, come see why the Balsams and Dixville Notch are so well known. Striking country in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The state is teaming with hopeful presidential candidates this week. From midnight tonight through tomorrow we lead the nation as the primaries begin. The energy is fantastic!