Umva Textiles

Umva means “listen” in Kinyarwanda, the language of Rwanda.

Rwanda-one4one is working with families in Rwanda, bringing empowerment through entrepreneurship opportunities and education aid to the children.

Due to male losses from the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, the elder women have few ways to earn income and poverty is the way of life for many.

Through Rwanda-one4one, the Umva project began in 2015. Umva (pronounced oom-vah) taps into the creativity of a small group of women open to learning a handcraft and eager to earn a living.  The women have become skilled in the art of naturally dyeing textiles, and they use their knowledge of the indigenous plants they gather from the hillsides. The exquisite colors and patterns on cloth that they dye by hand become ‘art to wear’ in the form of gorgeous one-of-a-kind scarves and wraps.

Umva textiles are being purchased around the world and are recognized for their beauty. Through the sale of each fair-trade item an income – and some economic stability — returns to the women.

When you purchase an Umva textile you are providing Rwanda-one4one’s families work, pride, hope and a brighter future.

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