#2 Lamb Pool

I decided I’d better get the next lamb pool posted as these ewes are looking mighty ready to burst forth some lambs!

This is Hazel, a CVM, and a triplet. She is also a first time lamber this year.

Neville, a CVM, is once again the man.

Hazel was also put in with Neville October 12th and was released from the lover’s lair November 16th.

Once again, based on gestation tables, Hazel should lamb somewhere between March 6th and April 10th. She’s looking quite pregnant and my one clue is this:
Don’t set a date too far out!

The person who calls the date and time the closest to the actual lambing will win 4 ounces of gray roving from our cute as a bug, Jasper. Otherwise known as the Jazz Man.

Good luck and the winner will be posted as soon as the lamb(s) appear!

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