32nd New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

I spent the weekend vending at the NH show…the weather was just perfect, cool temperatures with lots of sun. There seemed to be an influx of our state bug: the dreaded black fly. I don’t remember other years being so buggy but it kept the people moving! I was located in a new building this year and it was a great change for me after 5 years at this festival. I didn’t get out and about too much, except to grab lunch, but managed to get a few pictures. Below is one area outside our building (Stewart) early on Saturday morning.
This is one of my fleece customers who came to pick up her fleece (Daisy) on Saturday. Happy she is! Thank you, Manise!

This is a friend, Nancy, from NH who stopped to buy some natural dyes. She is displaying two blankets she wove using natural dyes. She dyed the fiber last summer and wove the blankets over the winter months. The yellow was achieved with the weld extract, the red is madder and the blue, of course, indigo. Stunning pieces, Nancy!
Here is Margaret Wilson from Mostly Merino of Vermont nearing the end of Saturday. Reeelaxing!

A great big thank you to all who stopped to visit, shop and get immersed in the world of natural dyeing!

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