A bicycle built for 7?!

Now is this the coolest bicycle or what!?

I was leaving the studio for the day and had seen these women riding it up and down Ballard Ave, not really knowing what the gig was. But as I was grabbing a camera to get a photo they asked me to come on along for a ride. Too hard to resist! It carries 7 people and each has peddles and there are the classic bells to ring. One person is the navigator and runs the brakes and that seat always faces forward. It is easiest and most fun with a full bike and because we all faced the center it offered a great way to communicate as we peddled. in the center is a big basket type area to put whatever. We all thought a knitting group would be a hoot! All the projects go in the center basket and anyone (except the navigator!) can knit, visit and travel all at once! But whatever you do on it, it is great fun and simply creates happiness just being onboard.

As we peddled up Ballard Ave with two empty seats, we’d call out “Come on, jump on. You know you want to!”. Some stared, but wouldn’t take the time, others ran to get on. Too much fun, especially in the flat city streets.

It hails from Amsterdam and costs somewhere around $13,000 You can see the particulars at www.dutchbikeseattle.com (darn links arent cooperating)

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