A great big thank you!

Back from the CT sheep and wool show and what a long short trip! For the past few years Diane and I have roomed together for the show as we both work our booths alone and it makes for a fun break to get a chance to visit. We agreed to meet at the hotel first and then grab a bite and set up at the fairgrounds at 8PM. NOT our choice mind you, but we had been notified that the building we were setting up in would not be ready until then. After dinner we arrived at the fairgrounds to a completely full parking lot and the event that was to be done by 8PM was no way done. We found the powers that be for the festival and were told we just couldn’t set up that night. Diane and I made an agreement with a member of the CT Sheep Breeders to meet us to open the building up at 6AM Saturday.

Jack usually helps me pack my truck to go to the shows and I make a visual of the order he did it so I can duplicate it for the return home packing. That never works! When I re-pack I get about the first 4 things in the back and then all hell breaks loose and I am stuffing and angling and pushing and squeezing boxes, baskets and plastic tubs. And of course very year I bring back a goodly amount of alpaca fiber I source and that has to get shoved and stuffed into the nooks and crannies that are left. I threatened to leave my beloved stool on the lawn at 5PM…it just wouldn’t fit anywhere. But I love that stool and we made a deal….you fit in and I’ll never take you again. It took me and the stool a bit of wrangling but we made peace and it came home for good!

All that aside it was a great show….as usual I got few pictures. When the opening bell rang, it was too busy to take time to photo anything. It was a gorgeous sun filled day, and the temps crept to 85-90 by mid-afternoon!

We got a nice start on a scarf section for The Longest Scarf project to support Heifer Int’l. Afterward I thought I should have captured more photos of happy knitters, running their rows and inches. I did manage this one of a woman and her husband as she worked her row on the scarf. Thank you all who helped to knit and donate!

A special thank you to Maryann and Betsy of Crooked Fence Farm for helping me through the weeks before the show with studio work. It means the world to me!
I saw Ravelry friends who stopped to say hi and shop. Manise Beverly Kris
plus so many other familiar friends and new friends made. It really is great to be in the midst of so many talented people all with the same fiber dreams and loves. Thanks for coming to the show and visiting with me!

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