A handful of dust

So now, for all you doubting Thomas’, here is yet another story. We brought the new cat home Friday and were getting him settled in. Within an hour of his arrival I went upstairs as I didn’t see him anywhere. As I walked into the family room there was a book laying on the floor at the base of the bookcase; A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh. The book was in the top shelf, you can see where the books slant at it’s departure. The top of this bookcase is where all our deceased pet’s pictures are…it’s our memory shelf and wall for our furry tried and true friends. And as you can see from the bookcase there are many different books to chose from.

The bizarre part of this was, before I went up to see the new cat, I had just hung up the phone from the vet’s office, Friday afternoon, telling me that Ursus’ ashes were ready to pick up.

Yes, the new cat could reach the top shelf with a claw and pull a book…but that book, at that appointed moment, from that bookcase? We have many open bookcases in our home, two in that room alone.

May we never underestimate the power of the soul departed.

A final note, I picked up Ursus’ ashes today and received the most heartfelt gift. Not only his ashes in a beautiful hand carved wooden box, but a silk rose or two, a floating candle to light and a beautiful book about losing a beloved pet along with many other soothing pamphlets. They did a wonderful job of soothing the unforgetable loss. We lit the candle tonight, said our prayers and trust that Ursus is looking at us all and feeling eternal peace. As I finish this entry, the new boy has jumped up on my desk to bask under the light of the desk lamp…and let me know he’s here.
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