A lookout

Jack took off for a few hours while I was dyeing, said he’d be back and he’d have a surprise. Late this afternoon we rode together on his ATV up the trails to what we call ‘the ledges’. It’s a huge outcropping with a very steep front, high up on the east side of our land. We always thought it would make a great spot to sit and look out on the view. We can see the village of Westmoreland to the left and down to the farmlands straight ahead. It is amazing how high up we really are. Well this is the view so far. It’s a bit dicey cutting on the front of the ledges, most of which will wait until the snow is gone. There is a good 2 feet of snow up in those woods. Besides I always wondered if a bear didn’t hibernate lower down in the ledges. Let him sleep! What a neat surprise today!