About that trip to Jamaica

Yesterday I spent the day in Jamaica, VT with lots of other fiber- related vendors such as Green Mountain Spinnery www.spinnery.com Golding Fiber Tools www.dropspindle.info Grafton Fibers www.graftonfibers.com White Mountain Farm, Maybelle Farm, Lovejoy Handwovens who wove in beautiful rhythm all through the day and Six Loose Ladies, just to name few! It was a very rainy day, but Margaret Silva of Margie’s Muse in Jamaica www.margiesmuse.com really put her heart and soul into the event. There were vendors and food spread out around town, I was in the town hall and we were fortunate to have heat and all the musical events for the day due to the rain! First we listened to The Rusty Pickup Band who sang bluegrass and western style tunes and Then the Bondville Boys, a great local blueglass band playing tunes from bluegrass to the blues! It was a fun day with a decent turnout despite the weather. Margaret of Green Mt Spinnery, shown with a big smile, won the Hand-spun skein contest, way to go Margaret! Lucky me won a raffle prize of a Golding spindle, the most beautiful drop spindles available today(my humble opinion!). Forgive the blurry pics, something wasn’t set right on my camera but you get the idea!