All in a day’s work

Jack and I took some time today to work on a few projects outside before the rain moves in on Sunday. It wasn’t a beautiful day but at least it was somewhat dry and temperate…perfect for the tasks at hand.

We have umpteen (how many is that?) sugar maples around the house and they are a blessing on those hot summer days but otherwise continually shed branches and need trimming to let in the light.

Jack cut the branches and I did the lugging…took a couple hours to get the two areas cleared. Trailer loads with an ATV to the brush pile…next winter’s bonfires in the making.

Regrettably, but perhaps thankfully, if it were to happen, our trusty manure spreader broke her drive chain on the last load this spring. Yes, at least it was the last load, and at that it was the last 1/4 load! So we got it back to the barn, got it cleaned out and tucked it away in the machinery barn til Jack can get a look at it to repair. We bought the spreader about 6 years ago, a Yankee deal….another words it didn’t work! But Jack toiled and repaired the floorboards, reset the tracks and it has been marvelous for the past 4 years. And it will be again…just going to take a bit of Yankee ingenuity to get her up and running again….

We spent a good 7 hours just picking away at the list of things needing doing….Sidney is sacked out in front of the fire having exhausted himself walking back and forth from the back fields to the barns at least 40 times….we too made those treks and feel the fire calling.

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