Apple season ~ baaaa!

One of the highlights of the year is when the wild apple trees start to drop apples. Most of our pastures have an apple tree and the first thing the sheep do each day is run to that tree to grab up the fallen bounty.

I also gather up golden delicious from one tree we have that has hundreds of apples on it. The deer come in to enjoy the fallen apples each day and still there are enough to treat the sheep. This is Jackie, left and Lucy, right, just finishing an apple. Often one sheep will start by breaking the apple and then others will share in it.

Lucy, one of our two new Romeldales, has discovered this treat and especially enjoys when I hold the apple so she can pull off pieces. Lucy and Della are coming along nicely. They get along with all the sheep and although Della is still standoffish, Lucy is now like all the others with me, a complete love bug. She loves to be touched all over, chin scratches and face rubs included. She no longer runs away at all! Now it will be Della’s turn but she will take awhile longer. I know she’ll come to me eventually. She is already standing very close and stares into my eyes with that “I want to be loved” look. I’ll certainly post the day that happens!

I remember when we brought Jackie (above) to the farm, she was just 6 months old but SO wary. I couldn’t even get near her for 6 months. And then one day, she just stopped and let me come to her and the rest is history. She is now one of the first to say hello each day and loves here daily affection.

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