The hour draws closer to the most magical night of the year.
Past the solstice now, a minute more light and a bit
higher in the sky, the sun mellows us.
Snow is coming tonight, the best of gifts
on this coming silent night.
Our tree is trimmed simply this year as if to make
a promise for a simpler year to come. This was not
a year I will soon forget.
Lots of loss and heart wrenching days.
There is a gift in that though.
Steering my life ship
away from the hidden ocean ledges
along the shoreline, further into calmer waters,
I hope to sail there more often.
The ornaments are few but reminders of loved ones.
Above is one made by our dear friend, Katie,
frames of our farm, sheep and dogs.
One special friend is truly suffering having lost her
love. Nothing to do but ride out the storm.
Christmas and the light of it’s force will
kiss her gently.
The pups got an early chew today to work
off the boredom of waiting while I finished all the


Now we celebrate the reason for this special time.
Music, conversation, friendship, wood fires,
phone calls to those not near,
a Christmas pageant nearby in the twinkling evening.
I wish each of you the gift of love.
It is all we need.
Merry Christmas, Happy holidays!
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