Bea’s lambs

Bea paid us a fast surprise last night. She was in labor by 6PM, we checked in at 8:30PM and she was fast approaching, went back at 10:30PM and she had just given birth to twins, a ram lamb(above left) and a ewe lamb(above right). All went just like clockwork. We got them all into a jug with a heat box, clipped and dipped the umbilical cords, made sure Bea could give milk, gave the lambs a colostrum boost and a dose of Baby Lamb Oral Strength and we were off to sleep at 12:30AM! We checked in early this AM and all were down resting, the lambs alert and happy. The heat box is a great help, Jack built them so they fit into the corner of the jug with a light fixture up inside which we put a 125 watt bulb in, just enough to give additional warmth but not at all hot. The lambs just instinctively know to go to the heat. Bea passed her afterbirth and is alert, attentive and healthy. We just weighed them, gave them another oral boost, they are nursing regularly, all is well. Who’s next!?