Bonne nuit ~ Au revoir

For the bonne nuit part…I am home from the NH Sheep and Wool Festival and as always it was just a great show. The weather was challenging with driving rains on Saturday, leaky roofs and an overall damp feeling. Today it was dry but a gray sky loomed with a cold wind. However that is the best conditions for us fiber folk who love wool! It may sound like a broken record but I love seeing you all….just the comraderie, hugs, smiles and happy faces work for me! Is this a pair of happy faces or what?

They came down the isle by my booth and I just couldn’t resist this baby face, or the Mom! 5 months old and just so happy she was, as was her mom on Mother’s Day today.

There were a couple of difficult moments in my building…Josie and Tom had to close yesterday as she was rushed to the hospital with a medical problem and then Lars Garrison’s wife, Gail, suffered a heart attack late yesterday and her prognosis is unclear. I spoke with Lars this morning and he was more than concerned for her recovery. Please say a prayer for them all, they are mainstays in the New England fiber community.

As for the Au revoir part….I depart for France tomorrow for a 2 week journey with Earthues and friends working with two French natural dyers along with days of sights relevant to the natural dye world. Very exciting and a once in a lifetime trip!

Because I enjoy your company on my blog and would wish you could take this same trip with me I am doing the best next option….

I will be posting blog entries here and there entitled “Where’s Nanette?” I will show a photo and a clue as to where I am. It will be your job to determine where I am in France. The first correct entry posted on the blog post will win a token gift from the area in France I am located.

This is for the fun of it….it will take a few days for me to get settled and of course the internet connection challenge exists. If all else fails I will still post the game on my return. The geography challenge exists! Good luck and be well!

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