Bound for Rhinebeck

It’s been a whirlwind week…always is before a show.Thank you so much Katie and Betsy for your help these past few weeks!

The consolation prize is that I know all vendors are in the same present state this week, and still tonight.

My van is packed….

I am ready to hit the road for Rhinebeck in the morning with Maryann as my sidekick.

Loads of naturally dyed yarns and fiber, plus all of the Earthues dyes and kits are enroute. It’s been a wonderful dyeing season! Do stop and say hello this weekend. Remember my building A is heated…portends to be a cold weekend. We will be attending the Wild Fibers event Saturday night with the focus being the International Year of Natural Fibers and The Longest Scarf project.
AND the CVM/Romeldale will be showcased at the CVM/Romeldale breed display at the fairgrounds. I hope you get a chance to stop and see this marvelous breed! I will have CVM/Romeldale lambs come spring so best get an eye for them now!

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