Burning, burning….

One of Jack’s projects, and most favorite of all pastimes is improving the forest and fields here. When we bought the place in the 90’s there was a lot of low brushy growth, small pines about 10″ through. In 10 plus years the pines have matured, blocking the sun to the undergrowth. We have since lost our Woodcock, rabbits and other wildlife that thrive in brushy undergrowth. So Jack has been taking the pines and some of the hardwoods in a number of areas at the edges of our fields. This is one area at the bottom of the far field where the hill banks down to a stream. Many years ago it was open and full of apple trees; he has recovered many of them in the effort to open this area up. This weekend he burned two whopping brush piles,it was 5 degrees without the wind chill, brrrrr, and one more waits, the biggest, for next weekend. Slowly but surely, in a few years this will be a wildlife paradise once again.