Button Button?

Button, button, who’s got the button? Remember that simple game when we were kids?( I know, probably dating myself!) It was so simple…someone would have a button between their hands and would go around the group and pretend to pass it to each person…and one person would get it dropped into their hands. Then one person had to guess who had it. Of course as kids it was easy to spot the winner, they had smiles all over their faces!

Well, these buttons pictured are great fun also. They are made from Tagua nuts and are part of a successful rainforest preservation initiative in Equador which Earthues has been proud to support. Through a collective the nuts are gathered and fashioned into vegetable ivory buttons, the monies raised helping local villages in that region.

I have tinted the buttons with various Earthues extracts and they make a wonderful finish to your own projects! I will have them posted on the store in a few weeks or be sure to visit me at my booths this year www.longridgefarm.com/events.asp where I will have them for sale.
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