Calling for Squares

One of my friends on Ravelry has posted this and I feel compelled to help her. Can you also?
We need 5×5 squares, knitted uniformly and to that size, in shades of blue,in very soft yarns, next to skin for this dear boy to snuggle up with. She needs the squares ASAP so if you cannot get to the link on Ravelry then contact me and I will coordinate. Below is the blog from Cindy.

This is Luke. He is 8 years old. Luke was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myelogenus Leukemia) when he was 6 years old. He had a successful bone marrow transplant when he was 7. He had been in remission and in doing routine blood work this March it was discovered that Luke’s AML has returned. He is now scheduled to undergo chemotherapy, radiation treatment and hopefully another bone marrow transplant.

The Warming Grace project wants to send Luke a blanket. I need 63 five inch squares in any shade of blue (Luke’s favourite colour) in a soft yarn ASAP.

Calls for squares have been so successful and I thank you all so much. We have had more than enough squares to complete 6 blankets so far which is awesome. Unfortunately, many of the squares I have received have been unuseable for the following reasons:

1. Yarn – not soft, some downright scratchy (please rub it against your face or on the inside of your wrist)
2. Size – 5″ is 5″, not 3″ or 6″ – it is really hard to put together the blankets if they aren’t relatively uniform
3. Quality – it is unfortunate that I have received squares that are so loosely knit they are unuseable, or there are huge holes in the middle or somewhere in the square.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the efforts people have put into knitting and sending squares; however I won’t send out a blanket that is not first rate to a child who is putting up such a brave fight.

I am hoping that I can get lots of 5″ squares (and kid friendly colour in a nice soft yarn – please no acrylic), particularly in the blue shade as soon as possible. If you can help out thank you sooooo much. Email me at for my snail mail address. Please post my request on your blog if you can(there are so many blogs who have a much bigger readership than I do currently). I thank you so much. My goal is to get Luke his blanket by the beginning bit of May (taking into account mailing the squares, getting the blanket sewn together and mailed to Luke).

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