Can you feel it?

The cold?

Sidney and I braved a walk across the fields this morning at zero degrees with a wind chill factor of 25 below. Almost froze the water in my eyes!

This is the railroad bed on a snowmobile trip we took this past Sunday….water frozen in suspension and an ice climbers delight.

The Love?

Jasper and Tybee, two of our wethers are fighting for Ashley’s attention during breakfast today. Ashley, in heat, is tucked in against the wall, trying to grab a mouthful while Jasper(left) stands attentive. He seemed to have won out over Tybee(right). Little do they know they are not virile! Love conquers all.

The warmth?

The hen house (far right little building) is cozy as can be today…the snow on the roof is insulating so much that there are icicles forming on the back side! I keep the bedding good and dry and with the warming bulb in there it is running 30 at night and 40 during the day in this wretched cold!They get treats to entertain them from a fresh pear to timothy hay and alfalfa. And in return 6 eggs a day come forth.

Be warm!

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