Color Institute East begins

The Color Institute workshop is underway here at the farm. First day gave us scorching temperatures with high humidity. But the class of 10 are eager to learn and increase our levels of expertise in color theory with Michele Wipplinger at the helm. Her experience with color spans more than 30 years with an acute eye and thorough style of teaching.
we spent much of the first day working with the Munsell Color System.
quiet work while the heat pressed on. we had lots of whirring fans, water and refreshments to keep us comfortable.

then the class moved to analyzing textile pieces by finding the nearest matching color chips.
discussions and observations ensued and tomorrow the concepts and training will deepen
the one stickler in the day is we have a robin’s nest with two bitty birds in the rafter above our workspace.they are going to fledge any day. the past weeks the mother and I have chatted away while I was getting the space ready. she would come and go and feed them in my company. just this morning I sat and chatted with her in the wee dawn light while she came and went with worms and bugs for the babes. but yesterday she wasn’t keen on the other 10 people in the barn. so we took “bird breaks” every hour so she could keep feeding. I am thankful for understanding students who came to learn not worry about the robins. hopefully today she will relax a bit more….we are a peaceful, happy group!
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