Destash and donate

I continue to enjoy the Yarn Harolot’s Never Not Knitting calendar with the latest page writing about “Stash Cull”. She writes that stashes are living, growing things (ah, yah, your fiber stash!) and that yarn should be in your stash because it is beautiful, inspirational, or destined for a project. If it doesn’t fit, cull the herd and pass it along.
I fall, as most fiber lovers, into the category of hoarding. Of course it will be a project. What if yarn ceases to be available?! There are a hundred reasons why we hate to destash even when we know it is a good plan on the face of it.

Other than unloading the stash on other friends with more fiber than they need do you know any organizations that would accept the destash to help someone less fortunate? What do you do when you destash? Um, do you destash?

Meanwhile Luna continues to bond with the flock….here looking out over the barn while I do the morning chores. She is all about being in charge!

and she and Bianca are best friends now.

Finally, I know we are all praying for Haiti and her people. If you want to help financially these sites DWB or the Red Cross or the Salvation Army are directly involved in the relief effort. It will be a very long, hard recovery and even the smallest donation will be appreciated.

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