Emily’s natural dye science fair project ~ Part 1

Emily took natural dyes to task for her science fair project in Wadsworth, Ohio. The following is a note explaining the project from her mom, Michelle. Great job, Emily. Congratulations!

I spoke to you back in December and ordered cochineal dye and mordants for my daughter Emily’s junior year high school science fair project. You were so very pleasant to talk to and I wanted to send you a photo of Emily with her project. She loved working with the cochineal and mordants and this really showed in the project. She used metal mordants and compared dyeing silk and nylon (natural vs. synthetic). The color range was wonderful. Silk took the best but surprisingly the nylon also colored beautifully. We knew that the project came out well but were pleasantly surprised when she won second place in the chemistry category. There were just over 290 projects in the science fair. The science fair is open to the public to view and her project drew a lot of attention. The judges were very intrigued. She made sure to mention Long Ridge Farm in her presentation.
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