Fall spa day

Today we brought the flock to the big barn for a few hours of love and attention.
Some needed coats changed. I like to keep the coats loose enough for them to be comfortable in them, but snug enough to keep the hay out during feedings. Sheep have a lovely characteristic of grabbing a mouthful of hay and then turning to their neighbor and eating it on their back!

All of the sheep needed a fall de-wormer as part of their internal health plan. And all needed a hoof check. We trim hooves 3 times a year on the average. Some sheep have softer hooves which tend to grow faster. Today for the most part all the hooves were in good shape. Jack has become the master of hoof trimming. He rather enjoys it. I am the counselor, holding the sheep’s head and whispering sweet nothings in their ears to keep them calm and patient! Here is a hen who slipped into the barn with a couple others while we were working. We work on a small group in the front area while the rest wait to be brought forward. The hen appears to be in charge and feeling quite proud of herself!

Below is Georgia, Daisy and Daphne in the midst of coat changes. It is rewarding to see the fleeces underneath for one brief moment before a fresh coat goes on. Love those spots on Georgia!

Here is the best angle I could get of Lucy getting here first coat since she arrived in July. I thought she’d protest more but she took to it like a second skin! Della, the other white ewe that we bought with Lucy, also took to the coat instantly. Sometimes the first time they wear a coat the leg straps underneath tickle them and they hop around for while. But now perhaps Della and Lucy feel truly like the rest of the flock, visually for sure.

And moments after their dismissal from the barn they were back to the winter pasture without missing a beat. Life moves on rather simply for sheep!

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