Field Trip

We have started sending the flock out to greener pastures with a bit of a treat factor. They get the winter barn at day’s end to bring relief from the bug season.

No matter how pretty the farm and how romantic the pictures, here in New England, on any farm and in any field, in the background are hundreds and hundreds of biting bugs from black flies to mosquitoes and later in the summer months, the “no-see-ems” (the littlest flies, so small you can’t see ’em, but they are insidious and most voracious at dusk and overnight).

I always feel for the wildlife such as the deer and moose during these months. The North Woods are especially fraught with biting bugs. Fortunately here on our farm the bugs are not as fierce because we are at a higher elevation with very little standing or running water around us.

I take a proactive position and every morning and night take the time to rub some organic bug repellent on their foreheads and ears. They love the smell and walk up and take their dose with pleasure!

Presently it is black fly season which will come to an end in another week so the sheep are day tripping to the pastures while the breezes blow and then back to the winter barn for the overnights until the spring bug season winds down. Call them spoiled, yes, but until you have endured a day without bug repellent, no matter what your species, the biting is maddening and exhausting!

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