Final push

I thought I could get number of photos out tonight but it is just too darn late and tomorrow is the final push to the finish. We did an incredible amount of work. Fifteen of us focused on handpainting a number of substrates with varying degrees of texture and complexity. I took pictures but then the light was bad or the camera’s abilities were lacking OR the operator was just too busy!

I learned a lot this week and know it is my mission to share it with those who are ready to learn. Below is some of my work to the right/below still drying on the racks. And yes that shibori piece to the far right traveled to Seattle with me to be energized!

Tonight I am still immersed in thoughts of where I need to go tomorrow with final indigo tweaking and a bit of glitz still left to apply. It was definitly a week of new learning for me! Here was my free for all skein put together with various small lots of yarns overdyed in indigo…this was comic but rewarding relief today!

I shared the week with great women and reconnected with some wonderful dear friends. Part of the week here from my perspective is the connections we make during an explosive week of intense creative work amidst a beautiful landscape. Here I am with two women I met my first year here in Ballard in 2006. We have continued life’s journey together ever since. Although they were not able to join in the week, the three of us joined Wednesday eveing for dinner at Volterra in Ballard. Great women I will love for ever.

And yet another couple of good women I have come to love these past few years. Roberta Lowes who owns Fibers, Etc (sorry no website) in Tacoma, WA and is also an incredible weaver and fiber artist. Nancy owns this shop in Bellingham, WA and too is a weaver, spinnner, knitter and more.

Here we are this week in an nearly impossible to corral photo.. I must say for fifteen dyers, plus Michele, Kathy, Inga, Sophie and the university interns the flow was awesome in and around the studio!

Tonight I was able to share the coastal route home with a dear friend for one of the most amazing vistas. There were still kids on the beach building sandcastles at 9:30PM in the dusky evening while the Olympic Mountains framed the backdrop on a Pacific Northwest sunset. What a dream week.

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