Fire relaxing is good

Back to the lookout today for our first fire. We stacked the wood to burn next winter and then started a fire with the dead wood and branches that Jack had cut so far, Before too long it was a nice warm fire. The snow fell all day today, not much accumulation but in such a gentle, all day kind of way.
Down below the church bell in the village chimed, woodpeckers and chickadees worked their way around us. It was so relaxing. I find that spending time like we did today, basically mindless and stress-free, opens the mind and frees it up when it next needs to work. Tonight marks the 10th day we have run one of our two fireplaces, this which is in the center of the house. It was a cold snap and the price of oil has been so high and we managed to heat 4 of our 9 rooms with wood for 10 days. Mind you, this is NOT the way to burn wood to heat a house but it was a fun and a priceless venture seeing as we cut the wood here ourselves. Happy to save a few bucks on fuel oil. So fire, yes, it’s relaxing!
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