First day of spring!

Hope springs eternal today! We have been having the most beautiful pattern of dry weather that is so healing for all. The sheep rested in the sun with a nice breeze blowing all day…

I worked on a custom dye order on the deck and got some good work done in the studio. So restorative.

At the end of the day Jack and I sat up on the bench and took in the most beautiful sunset. It was so peaceful to just sit and look across the farm, robins and bluebirds aloft, the dogs playing in the field, simply watching the life around us.

As we sat atop the hill a car drove up the road, stopped, we could see some movement and then they were gone. And in an instant I knew we’d been flocked! Our local school is doing a fund drive and they are moving flocks of flamingos from one house to the next. To move them on, we donated money and passed on the name of the home we’d like them to land next. A clever idea and probably a profitable venture.

I hope your first day of spring was equally as pleasant!

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