Free day in Seattle

Seattle is such a great city….a break from my country life in the best of ways. I awoke this morning rather early at 6AM but really late for the Northeast. Time clock was discombobulated so Seattle’s 6AM was my East Coast body’s 9AM. Soaking up the Northwest morning in my wonderful refuge I found myself gravitated to this view from my lodging’s level. To the West, the Olympic Mountains are before me. Like the mountains of New Hampshire they stand to remind me of tried and true, solid and steady. A country span apart.

After a leisurely start I gathered my day and took the bus from my digs to Seattle proper to Pike Street Market. Have you ever been?

Pike Street Market is a destination. If you stay in Seattle for more than a few days you can enjoy some of the best meals, fresh fruit and produce, fresh fish, pastries and cut flowers galore for the table. There are numerous artisans displaying their crafts from pottery, jewelry, musical flutes and ocarinas, knitted items to Japanese watercolors and so much more. It is awesome. And then there are the musicians. They are everywhere. And they rotated through the market so you would see one at one corner and then a half hour later a new musician would have moved there and the prior moved on. I think it was the best part of my day to see so many talented musicians playing with no more than themselves and an open instrument case for tips. This is the “girl from Duke”. I heard her play pretty early in the day and was mesmerised. She played in the classical style but could also play a mean fiddle piece.

And yes, this is fresh fish! Oh to have this market at home.

This cellist was also lovely to listen to.

And the vegetables…..the colors and art of fresh produce.

These guys were great….they were laid back but solid and steady blues men. Singing ‘Kansas City’ as I went by.

These men played in different locations but the same instrument…what is it? Anyone know? Very interesting tone and musical style…each unique but similar.

The girl from Duke had moved on and in her space came the piano man…he was working the passers by and also offered his services for weddings and private parties. An entrepeneur alive and well.

So many fresh flowers, in pots, on balconies, in buckets to buy. I bought multiple bouquets… for my dining table, one for my home host, one for Earthues….all the flowers were fresh, stunning and affordable.

Then I found the girl from Duke again. She had moved up to another corner. She was playing a beautiful classical piece and I had to really stop and take note. When she finished I took a minute to talk with her. On the inside of her violin case was a sign that read “My heart belongs to Duke University”. I told her how much I loved her music. She was delighted to hear that, I could tell, and to share and talk. She will be a freshman this fall at Duke University and is so excited. She has been playing violin, studying classically, since she was eight. She was so lovely to talk with. I said “your mother must be proud”, she said, “not always (smile)”. Note the dish of pet food at the curb.

And this woman stood bravely at a spot and sang her heart out. Totally blind and truly open hearted. I saw her later wending her way through the crowded street and was humbled at her tenacity.

I arrived back home at 4ish to a very friendly kitty. This is Stella and she is very shy for sure but when I walked in the front door she was most most interested in my presence. We shared greetings and it felt good to be received by the family pet so far from home.
I loved today….no pressure, a visual explosion of sight, sound and senses…..and all the while the sun shined and faces were smiling.
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