Good Growth

Our lambs are looking good at six months old with proper weight and conformation.

Left to right: Griffin, Maggie and Lily. Maggie and Lily are twin ewes. Maggie’s birth weight was 10.5#s and Lily’s was 5.5#s and a bottle lamb. You can take a look back at the early days here. After the first few days on the ground, Lily grew steadily and solidly thereafter. Griffin was born big. A single at birth he weighed in at 10.75#s and now a wether, is still just so darn handsome and personable. When looking at sheep for good characteristics one important view is the hind quarters. Each of these lambs show a straight backbone, good spread across the rear, legs not close together, with a solid build and bone structure.

Every feeding the lambs line up at the rack together…awfully cute, eh? Maggie and Lily’s mother, Della, is to the left of Griffin. Quite often the lambs will be flanked by one or the other of the mothers at the hay feeder. Now that we are fully into off-pasture feedings I need to get coats on those lambs to protect the fleeces. That’s always entertaining when they first sport their new duds!

When the opportunity arises I will catch a photo of Della and Maggie together face on. Their matched resemblance is uncanny and so beautiful.

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