Good women

There are many good women but today is dedicated to my most special Auntie Dot,
my Mom’s sister, pictured here with her daughter in law, Mary. After spending the past month struggling from a difficult stroke, she slipped quietly away yesterday. I was able to get to the hospital to say goodbye yesterday. No words can describe spending those last minutes with a loved one. But I held her hand, kissed her forehead, told her I loved her and prayed for her safe journey. She was gone hours later. God speed, dear Auntie Dot.

Shelley is doing OKAY. She is not worse and next Monday she will have another round of blood tests. Meanwhile she is snacking, keeping with the daily routine as best she can and showing true loyal colors.

Last it’s those hens. Two eggs a day now…..and each of the six have names. Penny, Francine, Ruby, Bianca, Eunice and Buffy! I never thought I could identify one chicken from another but these women demanded it! This is Francine pacing the fence gate to get in with the sheep. Jack penned her a “shicken”.

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