good women

New Hampshire made history this election
with full court press for women,

from governor to senators and congress women.

here is pretty simple.

a wall has emerged
in a space once occupied by sheep
and even students in the summer
young feathers have joined with
a bunch of woolies.
a wall between at night.
it’s the best of all worlds.
women to the
the left and women to the right with
private bathrooms.
private windows with full sunshine come morning
no bickering at night.
left side, right side congeniality.
Lily loves her freedom to eat and smile as she chooses.
 and in a small house nearby Matilda still carries forth alone.
during the days she ranges about the barnyards
and each night she returns to her private quarters.
we tried to integrate her with
the other hens but she won’t have it.
I understand this woman.
and all the while of late
 my heart is heaving for this woman, my friend.
a soldier in life’s battle.
Patty is losing her husband of 3+ decades.
 all of a sudden.
time is imminent.
they just learned the grim truth weeks ago.
women friends.
life is complex.


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